February 10, 2016

Guitar Lessons

Choosing a Tutor for Guitar Lessons

red guitarWhether you’ve been rocking and rolling for a while now, or if you’re brand new to the scene – there’s no greater way to learn an instrument than with a professional tutor at your back. Of all of the instruments available, guitars are one of the most popular and although relatively easy to learn, they can be incredibly difficult to master. Guitar lessons are therefore the first port of call for those hoping to improve their skills and hiring a good teacher can make all of the difference.

So, what should you look for in your teacher and how will you know when you’re getting the most from your lessons?

Learning at your own pace

Everyone has to start from somewhere and this is a consideration that a good tutor will prioritise above all else. We all learn at our own paces, with those that are apt with a guitar being able to master songs and chords far easier than newcomers. When choosing a teacher, the main thing is that you feel comfortable progressing at your own pace. Start with a few chords and then move on to a few practice plays. Practice makes perfect after all.

Value for money

Many professional guitarists turn to teaching their speciality, but there are those that simply enjoy sharing their skills and knowledge with others. If your teacher comes from a rock and roll background, has played in a world-class band, or offers top-tier tuition then it’s only logical that you may have to spend a little bit more for their time and expertise. That doesn’t mean that you need to break the bank hiring a teacher however, in fact as mentioned above many individuals offer their services as a secondary career, or a primary one if they are able to dedicate the time.


There’s nothing worse than having to wait around for a lesson, but at the same time it’s never a good feeling to know that you’re being timed. Professional teachers will often need to keep to a strict schedule, but this also makes them experts at managing time and progression. When considering hiring a teacher, it’s important that you enjoy your full session with them without interruption, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stare at the clock. Sit back, grab your plectrum and enjoy strumming your guitar under your tutor’s guidance – you’ll learn more if you know that you can count on them to be around when you need them.


One of the main reasons that leads people to hire tutors is to learn a thing or two about their chosen topic. If you don’t feel like you’re progressing, then don’t give up with your tutor – why not ask them for advice on how you can get better, or how you can move on with your training. Learning the guitar will vary from person to person, but in most cases you should expect to be fairly fluent within the space of three to six months.